Mihnea Tatu
Bucharest, Romania

Converting moments to stills since 2015.

What started out as a passion, has now become a way of life. Nothing has ever been more rewarding than making people happy through the images I capture. In this way I can deliver memories that will last for a lifetime.
What started out as a passion has now became a way of life and probably the most rewarding type of work I could find.
I am very dedicated to my work and and I take pride in everything I do. Sports photography is, for me,  the type of photography that offers me the most satisfaction. I always feel like I am not fully in control of what is happening, and this is giving me an unbelievable energy to try to balance the situation. And somehow it is the same with concert photography, not planning and knowing what is about to happen does get you to sharpen your senses and focus 200%. As I mentioned balance earlier, this might be the reason why, from time to time I need to do some studio work and meticulously plan everything. I need steadyness.
During the last years, I have worked with clients varying from professional athletes, to sports teams and companies from different fields of work, always making sure to deliver the absolute best.
I like to see photoshoots as nothing else but opportunities to create, and challenges as ways to develop myself. This always gives me goosebumps when grabbing the camera bag, knowing what is about to unfold.
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